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3 Tips for Recruiting New Members to N.A.R.V.R.E. 

At N.A.R.V.R.E., National Association of Retired and Veterans Railway Employees, we do meaningful work. We are sure that every member is proud and happy to spread the word about the benefits of being a member of N.A.R.V.R.E. Yet, sometimes, knowing how to spread the word can be difficult. You may think you have tried everything. You have been to the stations and put-up flyers on the bulletin boards. You might spread highlights of N.A.R.V.R.E.’s work on your own Facebook page. You go to the meetings and talk with newcomers. We are thankful for you and thankful that you see the good we do and want to pass it on to others.  

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Are You Ready for the Biennial NARVRE Convention? 

It is time to confirm you have your reservations ready and you are all set to attend the Biennial NARVRE convention scheduled, May 15th-May 17th at the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, California. We hope that the dangers of the Covid virus and variants are behind us, and everyone can make the convention this year.  

The Railroad Retirement Board Labor Members will return to host informational meetings for any future Railroad Retirees as we have done in prior years. This will also allow NARVRE to discuss the many benefits of becoming a member of our organization. As our members know, there is no other organization like NARVRE. We offer ample protection, work for retirement preservation, and keep members apprised of all legislation that could harm our earned benefits.  

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Restoring Amtrak Service to the Gulf Coast 

Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed the Surface Transportation Board getting ready to hold hearings on restoring Amtrak service to the Gulf Coast. Since Hurricane Katrina hit that region in 2005, the passenger rail service, where the Sunset Limited used to run, has been suspended.  

Since then, tracks have been replaced, yet discussions to restore Amtrak service to the Gulf Coast did not begin until the passage of the FAST-ACT of 2015. This act instructed the US Department of Transportation to form a working group assigned to the Southern Rail Commission. The group aimed to estimate investment costs from the government freight railroads and if there would be enough interest from the communities affected to move forward with restoring Amtrak services.  

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 Amtrak is Having Issues with Planned Expansion Across the United States 


Riding rail service is becoming as popular as it once was decades ago. An Amtrak ride across the United States isn’t just beautiful, it is also much less expensive than flying. The team at NARVRE or the National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees has been working with the issue Amtrak expansion is facing in restoring passenger rail service across the Gulf Coast for years. We have even joined local communities and the Southern Rail Commission to grant funding. We have the alliance of Senator Wicker, a Republican of Mississippi, and Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey. However, the issue still stands, and we are still fighting for the funding. If the expansion is allowed to continue, it will provide many job opportunities and convenience to American citizens. 

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Looking to Work for the Railroad?

Railroad Employment

Have you been offered a job with the railroad? Did a friend help you get the job? If so, you owe that friend a big steak dinner. Welcome to the club! The railroad is one of the best places to work in the United States, especially concerning your retirement. The railroad has one of the best retirements plans available for retiree’s and NARVRE or the National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees see to it that the railroad retirement benefits never change. NARVRE was established over 80 years ago, and its bylaws are still preserved to this day. According to RRB or Railroad Retirement Board, here are just a few benefits associated with their railroad employment and retirement benefits:

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RRB Annuity and Medicare Part B 2022 Increases

If you have been following the Railroad Retirement Board website ( or even the news, then you are aware of the upcoming increase in your retirement wage. Your Cost-of-Living part of your annuities will see a rise in January 2022. 

Garey Faley sent a message recently explaining the facts behind the increase he says, “The Cost-of-Living increases are calculated in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits included in your railroad retirement annuity. The Tier 1 benefits such as Social Security benefits, will increase by 5.9 % which equals the percentage of the CPI rise. 

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