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 Amtrak is Having Issues with Planned Expansion Across the United States 


Riding rail service is becoming as popular as it once was decades ago. An Amtrak ride across the United States isn’t just beautiful, it is also much less expensive than flying. The team at NARVRE or the National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees has been working with the issue Amtrak expansion is facing in restoring passenger rail service across the Gulf Coast for years. We have even joined local communities and the Southern Rail Commission to grant funding. We have the alliance of Senator Wicker, a Republican of Mississippi, and Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey. However, the issue still stands, and we are still fighting for the funding. If the expansion is allowed to continue, it will provide many job opportunities and convenience to American citizens. 

Gary Faley received an email request from Ohio NARVRE member and advocate Tom Galloway to spread the word that we need the assistance of all NARVRE members at this time. It is easy to help. The email reads as follows. 

“Hi all,  

I have already signed this. Please sign and share this with your networks. CSX and NS have been obstructing the restoration of this historic route of almost 20 years. As noted in the body of the message, if they are successful in blocking this, it puts in peril much of Amtrak’s planned expansion nationwide. Again, PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE with your contacts and networks.  


Tom Galloway, 


Northwest Ohio Passenger Rail Association” 

Now is the time for our NARVRE family to come together to help those currently in the railroad industry. Helping our fellow railroad team is part of being a NARVRE member. To sign the petition, go to the action link on The new round of hearings began today (2/16/2022) and will likely continue until mid-March. We will keep you apprised of all interaction from the legislative offices regarding this issue. 

Are you a veteran or retired from the railroad? If so, you should already be a member of the National Association of Railroad Veteran and Retired Employees (NARVRE). We work hand in hand with the Railroad Retirement Board and help those currently employed by the railroad. If you are not yet a member, you should consider joining today. We work diligently to keep you informed of any changes to your retirement benefits and have legislators in Washington D.C. that fight to maintain your benefits. It is less than a dollar a day to become a member. You can find us on Facebook or speak to your local affiliate for information about joining. You will be happy you became a member; our members find our information helpful, and they have peace of mind knowing that we will fight for your benefits. 

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