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Railroad Retirement Board

United States Railroad Retirement Board
Appropriation Request Fiscal Year 2017


The FY17 Appropriation and funding for the RRB is not what they requested, but it was an increase of $1.9M from the current FY16 level of $111M.  Ergo, the RBB reports they rec’d 30% of the requested monies needed to “significantly execute system modernization”.  It is an increase, so that keeps the agency working on current improvements and able to continue but at a slower pace.  We will work with the RRB later this year for FY18 funding needs…

-​Gary Faley
Legislative Director

United States Railroad Retirement Board
Appropriation Request Fiscal Year 2017

The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) has requested that their Fiscal Year 2017 administrative budget be increased in order to modernize and upgrade technology necessary to the delivery of retirement benefits.  They have asked for our involvement, therefore we need the entire NARVRE membership to contact our own Representatives in the House and Senate, urging them to support and pass this appropriation..   

The RRB has requested $122.5 M for the FY17 Administrative Budget.  That includes a necessary increase of approximately $11 M.  (As info, the agency’s current FY16 Appropriation is $111 M, which is flat from FY15). 

The following talking points will help with your call.  
  • The increase allows the RRB to maintain staffing at appropriate levels to continue their excellent reputation for customer service and satisfaction.   Urge Congress to support this funding request in order to maintain this tradition.   

  • The increase is necessary to modernize an outdated mainframe for faster and efficient service.  Without the increase, the mainframe will be obsolete by 2018.  RRB infrastructure is similar to that of other agencies that were victims of cyber attacks.  It is important to us that the RRB Trust Fund as well as our own personal information is protected by the newest security and technology for preventing fraud. 

  • The RRB administers comprehensive retirement and survivor benefit programs for railroad workers and their families.  They served over 558,000 beneficiaries in FY2015.  All railroaders depend on the RRB!   


FYI…The RRB has made the case for the importance of the requested appropriation for Fiscal Year 2017.  The more detailed and intricate information has been delivered and explained by the RRB. NARVRE now needs to assist in this ongoing lobbying effort.  As both beneficiaries of railroad retirement, and constituents of our Representatives in Congress, it is vitally important for all of us to urge Congress to support the $122,449,000 requested to fund RRB operations for FY 2017.  If your request prompts a reply, this office will appreciate a copy. 

Gary Faley

National Legislative Director

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