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Join/Pay Dues

It is always a good time to make contact with those who do not belong to NARVRE. It is an opportunity for those who want to take advantage of a bargain to Save, save, save money.

Join NARVRE for the first time and pay your dues after July 1 and be paid through the remaining current year and through the end of the next year. Again this is for new members one time only.


  • Individual Member Dues $31 per year
  • Couples Member Dues $38 per year

New and Current Members

Please Complete Online, Or Print and Fill Out This Application

As a Railroad Retiree you have Rights under the act. Those Rights are similar to those enjoyed when working. When those Rights are challenged by the Board it changes your annuity. NARVRE is fully aware of your Rights granted by the Railroad Retirement Act. NARVRE stands ready to assist you in enforcing your Rights.

If you have any questions call 1-800-551-2588