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Are You Ready for the Biennial NARVRE Convention? 

It is time to confirm you have your reservations ready and you are all set to attend the Biennial NARVRE convention scheduled, May 15th-May 17th at the Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, California. We hope that the dangers of the Covid virus and variants are behind us, and everyone can make the convention this year.  

The Railroad Retirement Board Labor Members will return to host informational meetings for any future Railroad Retirees as we have done in prior years. This will also allow NARVRE to discuss the many benefits of becoming a member of our organization. As our members know, there is no other organization like NARVRE. We offer ample protection, work for retirement preservation, and keep members apprised of all legislation that could harm our earned benefits.  

Our purpose is to continue following the guidelines of our slogan, Promote, Protect, and Preserve the Railroad Retirement Pension Annuity, from any congressional infringements that could threaten to weaken our pension annuity. We have come to rely on our legislative director, Gary Faley, as he works diligently to keep us advised regarding any actions that must be taken where we need to contact our congressional leaders and address any adversaries affecting our RRB Pension annuity. 

We ask that our Area Directors and officers of all units continue to promote NARVRE by making sure informational posters are up at all railroad work stations so current employees know what NARVRE has to offer. 

Thankfully, at this time, our pensions are not being attacked by Congress, but we must remain vigilant as new committees and budgets are introduced. When these new budgets or committees are established, Congress begins to sneakily talk “reform.’ When reform is mentioned, our ears should perk up, and we must keep a close eye out for any actions that could change our pensions.  

We will discuss unit meetings and commend Area Directors at this convention, including Director George Boatwright. Also, at the convention, our long-time National President Tom Dwyer will be retiring, leaving a vacancy open for new elections. We will also have Vice President Tony Padilla vacating his position and looking for a new alternative to fill his role. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s convention that can make the trip. We hope you feel encouraged and inspired to continue your NARVRE duties by encouraging others to join. 

Are you a veteran or retired from the railroad? If so, you should already be a member of the National Association of Railroad Veteran and Retired Employees (NARVRE). We work hand in hand with the Railroad Retirement Board and help those currently employed by the railroad. If you are not yet a member, you should consider joining today. We work diligently to keep you informed of any changes to your retirement benefits and have legislators in Washington D.C. fight to maintain your benefits. It is less than a dollar a day to become a member. You can find us on Facebook or speak to your local affiliate for information about joining. You will be happy you became a member; our members find our information helpful, and they have peace of mind knowing that we will fight for your benefits. 

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