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Join Your NARVRE Community on Facebook

National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees

NARVRE or the National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees recently had the second class with their current marketing firm on June 22, 2021.

The class is hosted by NARVRE National Secretary/Treasurer Phillip Steward and then subsequently led by the Vice President of Social Media Marketing from ADVentures Media Solutions, Taylor Allen. Many NARVRE members volunteered to join the class. During the weekly class, Ms. Allen is instructing the members on how to create, administrate, and moderate Facebook groups. The hope is to have a Facebook group for each of the NARVRE units across the United States. 

Social Media Training

Before the class got started, Mr. Steward shared a story of his 4-year-old grandson. He will not talk on the phone; he must see the face of the person he is speaking with. These simple and sweet interactions with his grandson made Mr. Steward realize that the future is here. People will not be communicating with each other in traditional ways. It is time for NARVRE to join in to the new and exciting world of social media platforms.

There are currently 2.5 billion people who now use Facebook every month. Having NARVRE on social media platforms will make it easier for people to follow NARVRE. NARVRE officers encourage connecting with NARVRE through Facebook.  

A popular NARVRE related Facebook page is “Narvre Unit 39 Stockton, California.” Paul, of the Stockton unit that created the page said, “He did it as a lark at first.” Now the page is a beloved spot for retired railway employees to visit while perusing Facebook. The page shares what NARVRE is “about” in the about section of the page, along with the NARVRE mission statement underneath it. It also engages the reader with historical photos of times past in the railroad industry, keeps readers updated on current news about the railroad industry and occasionally shares a bit of humor. The page is a fantastic opportunity for former railroad employees to reminisce and current railroad employees to become more knowledgeable about their career path with the railroad. The National NARVRE Facebook page shares related topics while also sharing information on joining the association. 

Community Facebook Sharing

NARVRE opted for the private but visible group so that each group closely resembled each member’s in-person meet-ups. Once a person’s request to join the group is approved, will they be able to see posts, visit members profile, and participate in discussions. To join you can simply ask to join the group by just clicking the icon under the group logo that says, “Ask to join group.”  This will be in the notification section on your personal Facebook account.  

The important thing to remember is that NARVRE is the only organization of its kind. NARVRE stays up to date on information for railroad retirees and alerts them to the ever-changing tax issues. These changes can affect benefits, in Washington D.C., and helps to preserve those benefits. NARVRE’s purpose is noble, and they are proud to now be sharing it among the masses on Facebook. Keeping the organization relevant and continuing to operate beyond its already 84-years, is a top priority. If you are not yet a member of NARVRE, please consider joining today. Check out the NARVRE Facebook page and website today for more information on joining.  

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