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National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees Convention

NARVRE, or the National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees, are eagerly anticipating hosting its National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees Conventions. Our previous NARVRE convention scheduled for 2020 unfortunately had to be canceled due to the coronavirus and subsequent pandemic. The rescheduled convention will be in May of 2022 and will still take place in Oakland, California.

2022 National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees Convention

The rescheduled convention will be in May of 2022 and will still take place in Oakland, California at the Waterfront hotel. The previous conventions have regularly been an opportunity for NARVRE members to come together to discuss the grand vision of the company.  The convention is your opportunity to be with like-minded, high achieving members, and officers that will challenge you to break out of self-induced limitations. Lastly, at the convention, you will have a chance to talk through new recruiting concepts, and other issues of concern for NARVRE. 

The coronavirus pandemic caused our membership enrollments to decline. Now NARVRE is currently devising new strategies for enlisting members. It is also looking for ways to remind existing members to pay dues. Since the United States is opening back up, we expect our company to triumph. We can once again have membership drives and gatherings. 

Yet, the pandemic did teach us to be innovative, with regard to recruitment. Since we believe so strongly in the NARVRE mission, “To protect, promote and preserve your railroad retirement annuities,” we have launched an exciting new marketing program.  We believe working with this marketing firm will help us reach new members.  Some railroad employees may not understand the importance of preserving their railroad retirement benefits.  This is a contemporary route to reaching a new generation of railroad employees that might not have known own NARVRE. We will be asking for volunteers to help us oversee the Facebook groups. If you are interested in volunteering, the marketing firm’s staff members will be hosting zoom classes to teach you how to do your part via social media.  

Becoming a NARVRE Member

If you are not yet a NARVRE member, consider joining us today.  There are several benefits of being a NARVRE member.  We work to keep you informed of any developments affecting your retirement benefits through monthly newsletters. You can also follow through our social media platforms as well. If you have any questions about joining NARVRE you can call us at 1-800-551-2588. Current members, please join us at the national convention in May 2022 and on our Facebook page.  Once you go to Facebook and reach our page, hit the like button. We appreciate the support! 

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