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The Importance of N.A.R.V.R.E. Membership Drives

National Association Railroad Veterans Retirement, Memphis, TN

During the Pandemic we lost several members and had to close a few of our NARVRE Membership units. This was disheartening for many as we know our mission is essential for years to come. The purpose of our non-profit corporation according in the spirit of our by-laws is as follows: 

  • To bring into closer cooperation the railway employees, both active and retired of the country 
  • To inculcate and uphold the general principles necessary to protect the standard of living for all current and former railway employees and to lend moral aid and strength to the activities of its members 
  • For educational, scientific literary and professional purposes of studying, promoting, and disseminating the philosophy principles underlying the legislative process to further the growing interest in maintaining Public Law #162 

Our purpose is crucial, as we work tirelessly to preserve our well- earned railroad retirement benefits. Ensuring that the benefits and laws governing our benefits are not tampered with and that no legislation is created to diminish them.  

Not only will N.A.R.V.R.E fight for your benefits in Washington D. C. we also offer the following: 

  • We keep you informed of any developments affecting your railroad retirement benefits through our legislative representatives and our monthly newsletter. 
  • Our team will let you know to whom in Washington D.C.
  • NARVRE provides a venue for unit meetings, a chance to air your concerns about anything concerning your retirement. 
  • If necessary, we will represent you personally if you ever have an issue concerning your retirement benefits. 

NARVRE Membership

To continue with this important work, we need the monetary support of our members, as well as their recruitment efforts. Did you know that many current and former railway employees do not even know that this corporation exists for them? We encourage you to post on Facebook about the excellent work we do at N.A.R.V.R.E. If you are not yet a member, just click on the link that says Join or visit our Facebook page. The membership dues are only $26 a person or $33 a couple (we fight for your family too.) Once you become a member, we encourage you to join us at our unit meetings.  

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