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August “Whitey” Westphal – NARVRE Past President – Moody Retiree Representative

March 2018

NARVRE Staying in Touch with Railroad Retirees

We are indeed pleased to begin our monthly submissions again in the new Facebook effort of NARVRE. Needless to say this new effort to communicate with Railroad Retirees, NARVRE Members or not, will enhance the total membership of our organization. As you are no doubt aware communication is so important to the success of any program which represents a large group of people whether they are young or older. In fact I am so excited when visiting with older retirees and have them point out; “I was watching C-Span and know just what you are talking about”. This makes our job easier too!!

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Retiree Representative A.W. Whitey Westphal

“Whitey” hired out on the Chicago and North Western railway in June of 1944 as a Brakeman/Switchman in Fremont, NE. He was promoted to Conductor in 1947 and continued his employment on the railroad until 1960. Elected by the Nebraska Legislative Board to serve as State Representative in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature where he served full time until 1965. Appointed to the position of Manager of the Legislative Department for the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen in Cleveland, OH in June of 1965 and served in that capacity until 1981.

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W. “Whitey” Westphal, Past President September 2017

The “August Recess” is over. Congress is back at work or at least that is what is assumed. They have shown little interest in accomplishing anything is recent months. And there is so much that needs to be done. For example, there is the many Appropriations “ills necessary to continue the operation of the government the future. These bills must be completed by the close of the Fiscal year September 30. While it is very important the Congress always leans toward a Continuing Resolution and nothing is accomplished.

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