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August “Whitey” Westphal – NARVRE Past President – Moody Retiree Representative

March 2018

NARVRE Staying in Touch with Railroad Retirees

We are indeed pleased to begin our monthly submissions again in the new Facebook effort of NARVRE. Needless to say this new effort to communicate with Railroad Retirees, NARVRE Members or not, will enhance the total membership of our organization. As you are no doubt aware communication is so important to the success of any program which represents a large group of people whether they are young or older. In fact I am so excited when visiting with older retirees and have them point out; “I was watching C-Span and know just what you are talking about”. This makes our job easier too!!

Experienced Leaders

I believe NARVRE is the only retiree organization having in its leadership positions; National President, National Voice President and National Legislative Representative former Union Officials who actually worked on Capitol Hill. They may assist in activity that involves Railroad Retirement, Medicate and many other Senior Issues before the Congress. This makes a difference when dealing with the large number of Congressional Representatives and their stag on Capitol Hill.

We commemorate with the NARVRE leaders and in doing so we attempt to keep abreast of matters which may affect you and your family. We pass it along in this fashion each month and thereby keep you and yours aware of pitfalls in the future. Legislation may need communication from the folks back home. Seniors like you who may be adversely affected by the proposed legislation. You then are able to participate directly with the Congress. Just think about it!!

Now, you say; “I know all this, it is not new to me.” This is true in many instances; however, there are thousands out there who are new to the process. They may join NARVRE and be informed as you are. They will find it exciting to participate and know they are helping themselves and others too.

Stay instantly up to date:

While there is little or no legislation at the present time adversely effecting Railroad Retirement, it may raise its “ugly head” out of the blue and we have a problem. And you need to know quickly. A notice in Facebook will be immediate. You will be aware and may take action now rather than wait until next month’s issue of this alert. Others are participating in the total effort. Remember; “The most important part of any journey is “the first step”. Take it now!!

Know the latest about your retirement:

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