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Preparing for NARVRE Membership Renewals

To all NARVRE members, it is time to prepare for the membership renewal drive for 2023. We are urging every unit to get set up for this crucial time. Maintaining and gaining new members is essential to NARVRE carrying out the many duties that keep your retirement benefits secure.  

If you haven’t established a membership renewal committee, this is a promising way to increase your membership. Those on the committee should be familiar with all the benefits members receive. We recommend that the membership committee reach out to current members through phone calls and by putting them on a mailing list. Since we are now on Facebook, you can encourage possible members to visit our Facebook page so they will understand our mission. You can also post flyers at stations and even use your own social media to share the word about NARVRE.  

The important thing is to stay in touch and follow up with potential and current members and to be able to answer the questions they are sure to have about memberships. We are very thankful for the units that have already reached 100% membership renewal. We are hopeful of increasing the number of units to accomplish our goals in 2023. 

On September 21, 2022, NARVRE is taking on the enormous task of holding a Railroad Retiree Informational Conference at the Naperville City Hall in Naperville, Illinois. The event will begin at 10:00 am with presentations from Officers of NARVRE followed by speakers from Jones Granger Attorneys At-Law firm, the TLC Insurance Group, and former Labor Member to the Railroad Retirement Board, Walt Barrows.  

If you are a NARVRE member in the Chicago or Joliet, Illinois area, we hope to see you there. We request that any NARVRE members that can make it, please bring as many non-member railroad retirees or active railroad employees as possible to the event.  

After the event, we will establish a new unit for the Chicago area. This will be Unit 116 in Joliet, Illinois. We also hope this event will help you obtain new members for your own units. 

We plan to continue to reach out across the United States to increase membership in areas such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Worth, Texas, and more. We will also need assistance from NARVRE members in those areas to assist us. Please remember that we need our members to continue to  PROTECT, PRESERVE, and PROMOTE our railroad retirement benefits. 

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