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An article by Mary David (former National Secretary/Treasurer).


The most important part of any journey is making the first step. This is even more important as the matter at hand is developed.  It is, therefore, very important to develop the exact information and present it to the membership as it is first presented. By this time many of our NARVRE Members are wondering; what I am even talking about? And, it is important to this office and the organization to make everything as clear as possible.  Remember the last National Convention in Spokane, WA.  A resolution was introduced, discussed and passed to establish within NARVRE a Political Action Committee(PAC).

What is this?  Basically under the law, The Federal Election Commission(FEC), NARVRE is permitted to seek and receive from its membership contributions to be used in assisting candidates for Federal Office to become elected. This practice is not new.  There are hundreds if not thousands of Political Action Committees doing the same thing; “Rewarding your Friends and Defeating your Enemies.”  It is a way of life in the Washington, D.C. arena.

NARVRE is now beginning this journey and it is important to each NARVRE Member to understand the issues. We will announce the acceptance of contributions for the NARVREPAC soon. Remember, it is not mandated that everyone contribute in the program. However, it is very important that as many as possible contribute what they want to contribute.  It is strictly voluntary!!  That is the important part in that no one is compelled to donate to improve their representation in the Congress.

Everyone will recall, especially widows, who have not received a Cost of Living Allowance(COLA) how important it would be to have more friends in the Congress.  Let us be very clear on this issue.  The PAC will not guarantee anything.  It just makes our chances a great deal better when we have additional friends in the Congress.  Many will recall their participation in a PAC with their former Union.  NARVREPAC is the same thing, with this difference, your NARVREPAC dollars will be processed in a manner that will benefit you and yours as a railroad retiree.

Everyone will recall our efforts to change the “Take-back Provision” and “WIMA”.  This is a priority of NARVRE and needs every assistance possible to enact corrective legislation.  Basically this is what it is all about.  And, each contribution will be logged when received.  This is a mandate of the Federal Election Commission, how much is the contribution, where did it come from and what is the total contribution received.

When will it start?  When are the voluntary contributions needed? LIKE YESTERDAY!!  Send any and all contributions NOW to the National Office.

​6819 Crumpler Blvd, Suite 200
Olive Branch, MS 38654-1940


When the contributions are received we will register our NARVREPAC with the Federal Election Commission.  It will then be a matter of record.  You will be participating in the passage of legislation before the Congress on behalf of railroad retirees and their families.  For nothing else than improving our benefits under the Act.  It is as clear as that.  Become a part of the initial action of NARVREPAC.  Send your voluntary contribution today.  We look forward to a very active and progressive NARVREPAC. This to support our letter writing campaign that has been so successful. Together it will make a difference and assist greatly in improving our programs before the Congress.

– Mary David IN GOD WE TRUST