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NARVRE Fights for Railroad Retirement Medicare Benefits

The National Association of Retired & Veteran Railway Employees (NARVRE) was organized in 1937.  NARVRE’s primary purpose according to their original by- laws is, “for the study of the legislative principles and processes of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1937″, cooperating with retired and active railroad employees on actions affecting these principles. 

NARVRE has always worked closely with rail labor as well as the railroad industry, and other senior, retiree organizations on legislative proposals that may prove harmful to their membership and demand a unified action.  NARVRE’s membership of current and former railway employees gain strength and aid through a mutual association with other supportive groups while promoting the general welfare of retired railroad people in the United States of America.”

Even now, 84-years later, they are still committed to their members’ welfare.  NARVRE is currently working on collective efforts to urge Congress to examine the array of problems associated with the rising cost of prescription drugs in America.  

Since the onset of the Part D Prescription Drug Plan, Medicare beneficiaries have experienced out-of-control price increases of their prescription drugs.  Medicare Part D legislation decrees that the Health and Human Services (HHS), “will not interfere with the negotiation between drug manufacturers and pharmacies”.  This means that HHS has no direct involvement in negotiating prescription drug prices in Medicare Part D.  Many seniors and retirees are on a fixed income and cannot afford the rising cost of their medications and out-of-pocket fees.  And not being able to afford prescription medications is detrimental to the health and wellness of our members and other senior retirees in America.  The Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) has the authority to negotiate the cost of prescription drugs with the pharmaceutical industry, and the HHS should have that same right on behalf of seniors and disabled Americans. 

In the latest newsletter from NARVRE, their legislative writer goes into a considerable amount of detail regarding the latest bills being introduced to Congress.  These bills aim to put an end to the abuse of Medicare beneficiaries. The bills are aimed at ending price gouging, as well as closing a loophole that allows pharmaceutical companies to misclassify prescription drugs and overcharge taxpayers by billions of dollars.  It was reported that taxpayers overpaid an estimated amount of $1.27 billion over 10 years for the lifesaving EpiPen drug.   

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay abreast of any news regarding your railroad health care benefits.  Out-of-pocket expenses can greatly affect your lifestyle or worse, negatively impact your physical health.  NARVRE will keep you updated and informed on current legislative proposals, and NARVRE’s legislative representatives will fight to protect your railroad retirement benefits.  Their legislative office will also let you know to whom in Washington you should write and when, to preserve your railroad retirement benefits. If you are not yet a member, consider joining NARVRE today.    

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