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John “JJ” Grabner, III

Area 2 Director

Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia

P.O. Box 24
Beaver, PA 15009-0024

TELE:  (724) 462-7757


I come from a family  or  railroaders.    My  great grandfather  was  a  locomotive   engineer.  My  father  was  a  locomotive  electrician.  My   sister’s husband was  a  conductor and  my  uncle was  bridge and signal carpenter.  They all worked  from the PRR  PENNSYLANIA RAILROAD.  As you know I followed in the family tradition  and became a locomotive engineer at the big conway yards in Connway PA.  I qualified lines west PFWC to Fort Wayne, IN and NYC to Toledo, OH.   I also worked  lines east to Harrisburg, PA  including local and mine runs to Miigo JCT, Ohio and on the main line to Columbus, OH.  A total of appx 1700 miles of track.  I am  a Penn State graduate, single avid car collector and home builder but most importantly an animal lover. I want to start an animal hospital.


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