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August 2016 Newsletter

By now the Primary Elections are over and as we approach the Congressional and Presidential Elections on Tuesday November 8, we encourage all members to go Vote. While we are a non-partisan organization we want to make sure that we wisely choose people that will stand up for the protection of our Railroad Retirement Pension Annuity.

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Anthony (Tony) Padilla NARVRE National Vice President – NARVRE August 2014

Newsletter This delivery is to remind all Area Directors and Assistant Area Directors that between August and December, we should be concentrating on establishing new Units where possible in areas where large group of retirees reside.  So far, this year, we have not had an Area Director establish a new Unit with the exception of Area 5 Director, G. G. Gonzales who organized a new Unit in Harlingen, Texas.  Former Area 8 Director Bob Bloomer continues to be the best example for seeking to form new a Unit later in September.

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Minutes from NARVRE Meeting April 5, 2014 at Alicia’s Restaurant.

1.  Guy opened the meeting with prayer, followed by the pledge of allegiance.  G.G. then did the roll call of officers with all being present.

2.  New members and guests were then introduced.  Mrs. Faz was mentioned since she’s suffering from cancer but seems to be doing better at the time.

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