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NARVRE members.

The Power of NARVRE Membership and How You Can Help

Retirement is a phase of life that should be cherished and celebrated. Especially for those who have spent their careers in the railroad industry! The National Association of Retired and Veteran Railroad Employees (NARVRE) understands the value of this transition and offers a supportive community that goes beyond retirement. Joining the existing NARVRE members is beneficial, and you play a significant role in growing this community. 

The Importance of NARVRE Members 

NARVRE membership is about more than just receiving benefits. It is about being part of a family that understands your journey. As a retiree or veteran of the railroad industry, you share a unique bond with others on the same path. Membership grants you access to a network of like-minded individuals who have faced similar challenges, triumphs, and experiences. 

Beyond camaraderie, NARVRE is your voice in Washington. We tirelessly advocate for your rights. We will always PROTECT, PRESERVE, and PROMOTE your hard-earned railroad retirement benefits. This ensures that your well-deserved benefits are never changed to social security benefits. We’ll ensure they remain secure as railroad retirement benefits, allowing you to enjoy your retirement with peace of mind. 

Growing Our Community Together 

As NARVRE members, you have the power to expand our community and make it even stronger. By sharing your positive experiences with former colleagues who also worked for the railroad, you can introduce them to our supportive community. Your first-hand knowledge is invaluable in encouraging others to join and reap the benefits of NARVRE membership. 

How You Can Help Recruit New Members 

  1. Share Your Story: Personal anecdotes about the positive impact NARVRE members have had on your retirement journey can be incredibly persuasive. Whether it is a heartwarming moment at an event or how our advocacy efforts protected your benefits, your story can inspire others to join. 
  1. Invite to Events: Invite potential members to attend your local unit’s meetings and events. At meetings or events, they can experience the sense of community and the range of benefits we offer. 
  1. Online Presence: Utilize social media platforms to share NARVRE’s mission, events, and benefits. Your posts might catch the attention of former railroad workers seeking connections in their retirement years. 
  1. Networking: Leverage your own professional and social networks to reach out to retired or veteran railroad employees who might not be aware of NARVRE’s existence. 

The Importance of Collecting and Paying Delinquent Fees as NARVRE Members

Your membership dues are crucial to NARVRE’s ability to provide the support and resources you and your fellow members benefit from. Delinquent fees can hinder our ability to serve the community effectively. By paying your dues on time, you contribute directly to the growth and sustainability of NARVRE, ensuring that we can continue advocating for your interests and fostering a vibrant network. We keep the fees as low as possible at just $29 for singles and $36 for couples (members not associated with a unit) pay $31 for singles and $38 for couples. 

NARVRE is Your Guardian and Advocate 

Remember, NARVRE is not only your advocate in preserving your railroad benefits, but we are also here to help you navigate any personal issues you might encounter with your retirement funds. Our commitment extends beyond the organizational level – we are also here for you on a personal level. 

In a constantly changing world, NARVRE remains a steadfast anchor, connecting you to the past, present, and future. Your membership and involvement strengthen this bond, ensuring that the support you receive is not only maintained but also expanded. 

So, if you are a retiree or veteran of the railroad industry, consider becoming a member of NARVRE. Join our community, share your experiences, invite others to do the same, and together, let’s continue to build a legacy of support, advocacy, and camaraderie. 

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