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Tell Congress to vote against anti-Amtrak Amendments

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Sent: Monday, March 02, 2015 3:16 PM
To: Faley, Gary
Subject: Fwd: Tell Congress to vote against anti-Amtrak Amendments From the Legislative office: NARVRE and other supporting alliances are collectively calling on Congress to support Amtrak and passenger train service.  Urge them to vote against any amendments that propose to cut or lower funding for Amtrak operations.  Below are talking points for your consideration, but the overall message is to support Amtrak and vote for adequate funding and vote down any anti-Amtrak Amendments.   The House Transportation & Infrastructure reform legislation (H.R. 749) is scheduled to be brought up for consideration tomorrow.  Vote for Amtrak and against funding cuts for Amtrak.   *  Point 2: The U.S. will add 70 million people over the next three decades, and it is imperative that we invest in a modern and efficient transportation network. Amtrak has experienced ridership records in 11 of the past 12 years, and the trains are full. We need to invest in more rail capacity!

  • Point 3: The average age of an Amtrak rail car is over 28 years old, and new equipment is desperately needed.

A recent study found that more than 750 companies in 39 states manufacture components for passenger rail and transit rail today; if we were to invest in a modern fleet of equipment, we could create tens of thousands of sorely-needed manufacturing jobs for American workers.

  • Point 4: The Northeast Corridor is facing $52 billion in investment backlog — just to bring it into a state of good repair! Asia and Europe are decades ahead of us in building world class rail systems; to stay economically competitive, we can’t afford to fall further behind!

Contact your Representatives in Congress with

NARVRE’s toll-free lines…….  877-668-3864  or 877-668-3866

El Reno Junior College (Redlands College)

Time – 10:30 a,m. til noon

Speaker:  Tim Smith,

Canadian County Emergency Management

Please attend !!


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