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A Circle the Wagons communication for protection of failure, sharing ideas of interest, helping one another, planning and working together for the betterment of NARVRE

Hi again,

Going back to our latest Informational meeting in Covina, CA held on September 16, 2014, special recognition is pointed out concerning our invited guests.  Take a look at what happened at this event. 

Whitey Westphal and Tony Padilla

Walter Barrows and Jennifer Johnson

Tony Padilla visiting with guests.

Geri Clark and Gary Watkins

What is important about the pictures above is that our special invited guests took the time to visit and share with our members and yet to be members.   

Among the attendees at the Informational Meeting were Unit Officers from other NARVRE units.  David Rosse from Barstow unit, Larry Philippi from San Bernardino unit and our Master of Ceremonies Bob Aparicio from Los Angeles unit.

Don Richardson, Bud Davis, Larry Philippi

Vincent De Lazzaro Life and Health Agent

Bob Aparicio Los Angeles unit President

Larry Philippi wife Linda

Dave Rosse Barstow Unit President

Several of our Health Groups were invited to attend and set up booths.  This is a great opportunity for our members to visit with and get the facts on health programs that help our members.  We are certainly glad that they can come and take part in our Informational Meetings they are welcome guests and participants. It seems we often do not give these people the recognition they deserve and we need to do that.  They are special and offer so much.