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NARVRE Members: Attached is Action Alert information…

All Amtrak advocates are advising the Senate that we expect them to Act Now. 

The House has passed their legislation, and the Senate needs to act.

The Senate has ignored Amtrak’s situation for far to long. Please contact your Senator. You can use the highlighted link below or use the NARVRE Toll-Free #’s — – 877-668-3864 & 877-668-3866 — Senate Switchboard. Ask them to Provide Amtrak with $5 Billion for FY2021.   

Action Alert: Please Tell Congress to Provide Amtrak with $5 Billion for FY2021

Amtrak has begun gutting its long-distance routes.

As things stand now, nearly all long-distance trains will run just 3 days a week by late October. Only Amtrak’s Auto Train will still offer daily service.
Unless Congress acts quickly, these cuts—and others on the horizon—will have a cascading effect. Lower ridership, combined with higher overhead cost allocations, will make the remaining services less viable.

Please call your senators. Ask them to include at least $5 billion for Amtrak in the FY2021 appropriation or in the next continuing resolution – combined with language requiring Amtrak to operate all routes at least daily.

From Desk of Gary Faley National Legislative Director