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Narvre Biennial Convention 2018: Thank you!

Narvre Biennial Convention 2018 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, concluded May 22, 2018 with approximately 115 delegates, alternates and guests from out-of-town. Forty local Unit 30 members participated in various events and assisting with the Convention.

We appreciate all who took the time to attend our Convention and we trust you found it an educational and fun event. Our unit certainly learned a lot and enjoyed hosting very much.

A big thank you to all who helped us plan and supported us throughout the planning stages and during the convention.

All the National Officers were very helpful and brought a lot of information and wisdom to the Convention. Phil Steward worked closely with us as we prepared. He brought in some people during the Convention to educate our members on technology and how we can use it to grow our membership.

Gary Nelson, our Area Director, brought numerous items for our raffle. We appreciated your support, Gary. Thank you!

Tony Padilla was there offering encouragement and words of wisdom. We all enjoyed meeting Tony.

We especially want to give a shout-out to our President, Tom Dwyer. He was there from the very beginning to help with our planning. He has an immense responsibility selecting speakers, appointing members to the various committees and conducting the business meeting. The speakers he selected were wonderful. Tom has dedicated most of his adult life to promoting and leading NARVRE and gives a lot of time and energy in helping retired railroaders and their spouses as well as all our Narvre units. Thank you Tom, for all you do. We appreciate you!

Winner of the Berkshire B share of stock was Gary Faley, our National Legislative Director. Congratulations to you Gary. Thank you to all who participated in that drawing. We appreciate your support. It was very helpful in helping us defray our costs for the Convention.

Unit 61 in Oakland, California volunteered to host the 42nd Biennial Convention in 2020. We wish them much success and look forward to participating in 2020.

Narvre Host Unit 30 Council Bluffs, Iowa