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Gary Faley


FLINT, MI 48532-3207

TELE: 810-733-7256


Hired out as a freight yard clerk on the Grand Trunk Western RR in 1973 in Flint, MI., transferred to Detroit with the Canadian National RR and the CNIC after a merger with the Illinois Central. Elected and served as the Local/District Chairman and Vice-Gen Chrm. of System Board #45, for BRAC and TCU representing the clerical craft and was active in Collective Bargaining and Appeals. Elected as MI State Legislative Director (SLD) for the BRAC/TCU union in 1983, and spent the rest of active railroad days as the SLD, on legislative assignment in Washington D.C. or in home state of MI, for the better part of 20 yrs.

The work in D.C. was mostly based on contacting Congressional offices in the House & Senate on Capitol Hill, over issues affecting railroads, railroad employees, and retirees, as well. We worked in concert with other rail unions, and the rail industry and were successful in our endeavors to protect favorable legislation and stopping harmful proposals, as well.

Upon retirement, remained active with the Retiree Division for the newly merged TCU and Machinists Int’l Union (IAM). Also, currently affiliated and active with the Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA) and helped form the Michigan State Chapter of the ARA. Also served with the MI State AFL-CIO, and was assigned by Governor James Blanchard to the Michigan Air & Rail Commission which worked on commerce and transportation issues, in MI and surrounding states. Appointed NARVRE Legislative Director (NLD) in June of 2008, when Tom Dwyer was elected as President of NARVRE the same year, vacating his position as NLD. I was re-appointed to this position in the following Conventions, and was elected to the position in 2016 when the delegates amended the By-Laws mandating that the NLD position was an elected position, as well as the other Governing Board members.

Gary Faley


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