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From the NARVRE Legislative Office:

Stimulus Relief Aid is desperately needed for Amtrak and rail employees.  The Senate took another vacation and has chosen to ignore House passed legislation.  A stimulus package is needed now to help American citizens and businesses, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Our mission is to urge Congress to include Amtrak and Amtrak employees in a legislative aid package.  NARVRE stands with all rail train service advocates and this latest letter from representative organizations asking Congress to remember that Amtrak is a viable transportation service in America, much the same as the airline industry.  Please make another call.  Let’s follow-up and contact our Representatives and Senators @ 877-668-3864 or 877-668-3866.   Remind Congress not to forget Amtrak in the next relief aid package…! 

TCU/IAM, All RAIL STAKEHOLDERS URGE CONGRESS TO PROVIDE AMTRAK, TRANSIT RELIEF: TCU/IAM joined with other groups representing rail passengers in the U.S., Amtrak workers, Commuter and Transit employees, and railway suppliers, to remind Congress not to forget about the other pieces of America’s national intercity transportation network: Amtrak and public transit systems.