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Minutes from NARVRE Meeting April 5, 2014 at Alicia’s Restaurant.

1.  Guy opened the meeting with prayer, followed by the pledge of allegiance.  G.G. then did the roll call of officers with all being present.

2.  New members and guests were then introduced.  Mrs. Faz was mentioned since she’s suffering from cancer but seems to be doing better at the time.

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Houston Texas Unit #187 Minutes of December 3, 2013 Meeting

1.  Meeting was called to order.  Marlin led in prayer and in the pledge of allegiance.
2.  G.G. did the roll call.  All officers were present.
3.  G.G. asked for names of any Unit members who were ill.
4.  Raymond talked about up-coming elections and scams to be aware of.
5.  The minutes from the November meeting were read.  Marlin made a motion to accept the   minutes as read; Guy seconded the motion.
6.  Cheryl gave the treasurer’s report, mentioned membership dues will need to be paid by the end of December.  Guy made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report; Mr. Berg seconded the motion.  She talked about the Unit’s audit for 2013, which is coming up in January.
7.  There was no deferred business.
8.  New business – proposal for the new bylaws
Guy read/explained the recommended proposal and asked for any questions re: the proposal and accepting it.  Marlin made a motion to accept the bylaws’ proposal; Cheryl seconded the motion.
9.  Carl made a motion to keep the same auditing committee members; Oscar seconded the motion.  The members of the committee are Guy Sackett, Oscar Cisneros, and Pam Sackett.
10. Guy made a motion to elect the members of the Governing Board; Guy seconded the motion.  Raymond nominated Marlin Phillips, Oscar nominated Carl Anderson, Cheryl nominated Tina Hoop, G.G. nominated Guy Sackett, and Raymond nominated Anthony Suarez.  G.G. appointed Marlin Phillips as chaplain.  Marlin Phillips, Cheryl Chambers and Velda Ward will be our Sunshine Committee.
11.  Oscar announced the raffle collected $1510.
Beverly drew the winner of the TV – Victoria Vega Restaurant employee drew the winner of the Coushatta trip – Melissa Johnson Restaurant employee drew the winner of the Union Pacific knife – M Sosa .

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SAN ANTONIO – UNIT 163 Meets 4th Thursday of the month

SAN ANTONIO – UNIT 163  Meets 4th Thursday of the month at 11:00amAldersgate United Methodist Church (210) 532-2666 502 Kayton Ave,  San Antonio, 78210

Meeting for 2013 November is Thursday Nov. 14 due to off schedule account Thanks Giving Holiday.
There will NOT be a meeting during the Month of July and Agust due to summer recess·

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