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Biden administration's plan and Congress.

Biden Administration Plans to Develop a Way for Credit Scores Not to be Affected by Medical Bills

The last few months have been tumultuous in the White House, causing widespread speculation about a potential government shutdown. As an organization, we strongly encourage all our members to reach out to their Congress members. Urge them to prioritize funding for both Amtrak and the Railroad Retirement Board. Our mission has always been to assist elected representatives to help them understand the complexities of the railroad retirement system. It is important to note that even today, many members of Congress need to be made aware of our situation under the Railroad Retirement Act, which underscores the critical nature of our advocacy efforts. 

Good News from Washington D.C. 

It is a scary scenario that our government may shut down, but there is some positive news from Washington. The Biden administration has announced an enormous initiative to protect Americans from medical debt that affects their credit scores. This is indeed great news for patients struggling with medical bills. 

Enacting the proposed regulations would be of immense benefit to millions of individuals who are struggling with medical debt. This move would erase data that can negatively impact consumer scores, hindering their chances of finding employment, securing housing, or obtaining a car loan. 

The proposed new rules would be a significant federal action to address medical debt, affecting over 100 million people. This problem forces many to take extra jobs, possibly give up their homes, and even ration food and other essentials. It is frightening that a medical emergency can lead to overwhelming debt, causing someone to go from living comfortably to struggling to meet their basic needs. 

“No one in this country should have to go into debt to get the quality healthcare they need,” said Vice President Kamila Harris. During this recent announcement, Vice President Kamala Harris and Rohit Chopra, the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), unveiled a series of new initiatives. As part of this announcement, the CFPB has been charged with developing these new initiatives’ rules. This marks a significant step in the efforts to protect consumers and ensure that the financial services industry operates transparently. 

Improving the Credit Score of Millions of Americans 

During a recent announcement, Harris stated that if the initiative passes, it could improve the credit scores of millions of Americans. However, as we know, implementing new regulations can take time and effort. Biden administration officials have confirmed that the development of these new rules will be completed by next year. Such an aggressive step to restrict credit reporting and debt collection by hospitals and other medical providers will almost certainly cause an upset in industry opposition. 

At the same time, the CFPB, which was formed in response to the 2008 financial crisis, is under fire from Republicans, and its future may be jeopardized by a case before the Supreme Court, whose conservative majority has been trying to do away with federal regulatory powers. 

However, the Biden administration moves to strengthen protections against medical debt. This has been drawing strong praise from patients and consumer groups who had long been advocating for this change. 

Write To Your Representatives 

We urge you to contact your Congress members and representatives if you support the initiative. As part of our responsibility at NARVRE, we strive to provide you with the latest information. From your benefits to what’s happening in Washington, D.C. You can find the addresses and phone numbers of Congress members on our website. You can write to encourage them to leave our railroad retirement benefits unchanged. 


Yet, you never have to worry about these benefits as a member of NARVRE. We promise we will PROTECT, PRESERVE, and PROMOTE your benefits. We have been doing it for many years and have no plans to stop. If you still need to become a member of NARVRE, we encourage you to join today so you can rest assured your benefits will always be protected. You can find your local unit on Facebook or speak to a local affiliate. 

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