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 Benefits of NARVRE

If you are a railroad veteran, current railroad employee, or retired from the railroad, you should consider joining NARVRE if you are not yet a member. NARVRE is the National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees. NARVRE is essentially your gateway to Washington D.C. The legislative offices of NARVRE work closely with the Railroad Retirement Board ensuring that your benefits stay intact among many other legislative appropriations, including upgrading computerization. Once the computerization is upgraded, we will be more assured that our information is protected, and our field offices are adequately staffed. 

One of the best benefits NARVRE provides is keeping you abreast of all information pertaining to your retirement. NARVRE’s legislative office peruses the activities in Washington D.C. daily by reading through all news reports and legislative publications containing a statement or proposal that could end up being harmful to our members and all railroad retirees. The NARVRE legislative office (and the office of our President) primarily scans through the many hearings and committees that have jurisdiction over issues that can affect rail retirees and Medicare beneficiaries. 

If NARVRE did not keep track of all the on-goings at Capitol Hill, we could wind up blindsided by the ignorance of an action in a Congressional office. When you are also watching the news, if you see anything that alarms you, we ask that you bring it to our attention. 

It is important to remember what could happen if we fall asleep at the wheel. It was the due diligence of NARVRE and the daily work that prompted us to examine the language in the 2012 House Budget Committee’s Report. We determined that Chairman Paul Ryan and his colleagues had purposely threatened every railroad retiree with false statements on how the railroad retirement programs are funded. The Budget Committee’s falsehoods could have eliminated occupational disability benefits and our 60/30 retirement programs if their proposals became law.  

NARVRE immediately joined forces with the railroads and rail labor, as well as the RRB, and every member of NARVRE was contacted so that they could directly contact their congressman. We were able to educate with the truth on the structure of our Railroad Retirement System. Everything ended perfectly when NARVRE and our constitutes were assured that the bill that passed the House would never be taken up for consideration in the U.S. Senate.  

Our NARVRE association is exceptionally critical for all workers and retirees from the railroad industry. Please consider joining today. You can find us on Facebook or contact your local affiliate for more information. 

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