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An Update on New Legislation from Washington D.C.

As NARVRE officials, we consider it our duty to report to you ALL the facts from Washington, D.C., so you do not miss anything. This is just one of the perks of being a member of NARVRE.  

Our bipartisan Congress has been busy in Washington D.C. First, they passed the new Inflation Act that President Biden signed into law, and now the U.S. House passed their FY2023 budget proposal (HR 8294) by the same 220-207 party-line number. This legislation is a 6-bill appropriations package and includes a $3.8 billion for rail programs and additional rail funding of $13.2 billion. In late July, Amtrak and the Rail Passengers Association asked for NARVRE’s help urging the Senate to support total funding for Amtrak in the House FY23 Budget proposal. That appropriation will enforce the financing needed to implement and complete rail projects guaranteed in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) passed in 2021. That complete funding request is on a crucial timeline as the fiscal year 2023 begins on October 1st. Hopefully, the Senate will work to avoid a government shutdown.   

In a 64-33 vote, the Senate did indeed come together and passed the $280 billion “Chips and Science Act” to accelerate the production of American-made semiconductors, fix broken supply chains to lower costs, and make critical investments to compete with China economically. This bill addresses the lack of American research and investments in technologies that run everything from cars to medical devices and even our military defense systems. This bill addresses many critical issues and is considered a national security priority. It also has been signed into law by President Biden. If you would like to know more about the “Chips and Science Act,” you can find more information available at We are overjoyed by this decision. The magnitude of this legislation is beyond belief in this era of party politics. It is inspiring to realize that this is what American leadership is meant to do and can do.  

As seniors, railroad retirement beneficiaries, and constituents, we need to elect serious thinkers on Election Day. Those that consider potential future problems as a priority to solve. The US Government is diverse and complex. The responsibilities of government require the attention of serious people. Which candidates promise to protect seniors that rely on health and retirement programs which we already paid for in our working years? Who will protect our retirement benefits, and who threatens them? Who deserves our vote, and whom will we elect to govern on November 8, 2022…   

If you are a railroad veteran, retiree, or current employee and not yet a member of NARVRE, we urge you to join now. The legislation being brought up daily in Washington D.C. has been determined to be critical to our way of life. Our mission at NARVRE is to PROTECT, PRESERVE, and PROMOTE your benefits in Washington, D.C. We have been doing it for 85 years and plan to continue into the future.   

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