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NARVRE Unit 145, El Reno OK

Last Notice (Mark your calendar)
August 6th August NARVRE Meeting Monday, 10:30 a.m.
Speaker: Guy Winters, Vo-Tech
Redlands College El Reno, OK
August Stats:

August, 2012 BIRTHDAYS
Richard Fairchild,
Pauline LeRoy Flippen,
Bill Flippen,
Mabel Dodd,
Ursula Maine,
Marilyn Perkins,
Rex Burney,
Joe Nusbaum,
Joe Haller,
Bill Campbell,
Eunice Taylor
Barbara McCray.
Wedding Anniversaries:
None Reported
Dee-Dee Anderson
Bill Curtis
Faye Mauldin
Mabel Dodd
Debbie Mason, Leon & Carrol’s daughter
Judy Kastner (Home Rehab)
George Lerch
Earl Galloway (St. Katherine’s)
Rex Burney (home health)
Vesta Todd (blood clots)
Nora McCain
Barbara McCray (Karated artery)
Bill Flippen (soft cast on ankle)
Barbara Higdon (Cast comes off August 8th)
T. Jackson (rehab at Grace)

Gladys Martin, Mother of David Martin &
sister-in-law of Harold Foreman
Bill McCray
Carole Ellison, wife of Wendell Ellison

Happy Birthday, America!!!!!!!
July NARVRE Meeting
When: July 2nd
Time: 10:30 a.m. til noon
Where: Redlands Community College
El Reno

Speaker: Carolyn Barker, Canadian County Historian


July, 2012 BIRTHDAYS
Trela Young, Rex Coit, Bea Carroll, Jim McGavock, Darrell Nelson

Wedding Anniversaries:
Tom & Betty Weach (43 yrs), Helen & Don Baker (56 yrs), Raymond & Caroline Holdaway (60 yrs),
Rex & Ina Burney (63 yrs), Joe and Mary Nusbaum (64 yrs.
Mabel Dodd, Debbie Mason, Leon & Carrol’s daughter, Judy Kastner (“Select” Rehab), George Lerch,
Earl Galloway (St. Katherine’s), Rex Burney (home health), Vesta Todd (blood clots), Nora McCain, Barbara McCray, (Karated artery), Bill Flippen (soft cast on ankle), Barbara Higdon (recuperating after surgery) Won’t be able to be there

Mary Ann Smith (widow of Blan Smith)
President – Bill Webb
1st Vice President – Barbara Higdon, 2nd Vice President – Bill Flippen
Secretary/Treasurer – Sandra Stuart, Unit Legislative Representative – John Higdon

At the last unit meeting John Higdon, Unit Legislative Representative, presented information about a little-known Veterans’ benefit for help with long-term care expenses for both Veterans and their spouses/widows. The special Pension for Veterans Aid and Attendance pays up to $1,644 month toward assisted living, nursing homes or in-home care for veterans 65 and older who served at least 90 days, plus one day, during wartime (statewide or overseas).

Widows of deceased Veterans can receive up to $12,681 annually, with both Veterans and their spouses receiving up to $23,396 annually. Operation Veteran Aid in Oklahoma City OK helps with completion of the necessary forms so approval can be received in 4-6 months.

Veterans who are blind or have memory issues and widows with medical needs receive expedited processing. All Veterans and their widows may receive additional information on this benefit by calling Operation Veteran Aid at 703-3849 or see information or Learning more about the special veterans’ pension may allow a better quality of life in later years for all NARVRE Veterans’ and other families.