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Minutes from Houston NARVRE Unit #187 March 1, 2014

1.  G.G. opened the meeting by leading the group in the pledge of allegiance.  Guy followed with a prayer.  

2. G. G. did roll call for the officers with all being present.

3.  Raymond gave the legislative report next.  He stressed the fact that we want to support the Guaranty Act and mentioned that you need to make sure your tax preparer knows how to correctly figure your taxes in re: to railroad retirement.  There is $24B in the railroad retirement treasury right now.

 4.  Guy provided some information from the Senior Citizens Advocacy.  This Advocacy group is saying that railroad retirement will probably be mixed in with social security benefits in the future.

5.  Pam read the minutes from the February meeting.  John made a motion to accept the minutes as read with a second by Carl. 

6.  Cheryl then gave the treasurer’s report with a motion by Guy to accept the report as presented; second by Raymond. 

7.  Cheryl gave a membership account as of the March meeting.  We had 59 paid members at that time.  We still stress the importance for more railroaders to attend our meetings so if you know of someone who isn’t attending, please invite them to come.  There are railroaders out there but either we don’t know about them or they don’t know about us.  We need to spread the word about our meetings.

8.  We had no deferred business to follow up on at the March meeting nor did we have any new business to bring to the membership.

9.  We had our 50/50 drawing, which brought in $96.  When the drawing was held, Bob Read won, giving him the winning amount of $48.

10. John made a motion to meet again on Saturday, April 5, for our next meeting.  Bob made a second to the motion.  This is still just a temporary change for our monthly meeting. 

11. Discussion was held as to whether we would select a different location after Oscar suggested we decide on a restaurant closer to I-45 for easier access.  Art made a motion to go ahead and meet at Alicia’s for the April meeting; seconded by John.

12. G.G. informed the group that the convention registration must be submitted by April 6. Oscar also mentioned that the National group is holding a raffle for an afghan, which will be held during the convention.  G.G. asked the group whether Unit #187 is interested in purchasing an ad of some sort to be placed in the convention program.  That will be discussed/finalized at the April meeting.

13.  The NARVRE Unit #187 now has a Facebook page.  Any interested in joining can friend G.G. re: the FB page.

14.  Pam made a motion that a check be issued to G.G. for the convention registration so he can submit it timely.  The registration check will be for the total of $160.  Raymond made a second for that motion.  A check for the hotel room during the convention was also written for $685.80, which was also made out to G.G., so he can get the reservation finalized.  Art made a suggestion that each willing member donate to the convention fund to help cover the expenses of the convention.  Carl made a motion to do this, starting at the April meeting; Oscar made a second.

15.  Birthdays for March were Nacho Munoz, Vernon Merkel, and T Michon.  No one knew of any members who were ill or any having lost a loved one among Unit #187. 

16.  Guy closed the meeting in prayer.