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Houston Texas NARVRE Unit #187 Minutes for January 7, 2014

1.  G.G. called the meeting to order with Guy Sackett leading us in prayer.  Then the group did the pledge of allegiance.2.  G. G. did the roll call of officers with all officers being present.

3.  Those mentioned who were not well the day of our meeting were Raymond’s wife and Guy.

4.  Raymond did his legislative report, urging all to be aware of those running for office in the next elections.

5.  G.G. and Raymond both discussed recruiting of new members and our membership.

6.  The minutes were read from the December meeting.  Guy made a motion to accept the minutes as read with a second by Oscar.

7.  There were no new communications during the month of December.  G.G. discussed the convention in April and gave a break down of expenses so the group would be aware of the cost involved with sending a representative from Unit #187 to the convention.

8.  Cheryl gave the treasurer’s report.  Guy made a motion to accept the report as read with a second by Oscar.

9.  New business:
G.G. suggested we change our meeting date, time and location in order to meet the needs of all members.  G.G. gave a break down of the areas in which our members live so all have a better idea of the need to change locations for our meetings.  Guy made a motion to appoint a calling committee to see if making this change would be of interest to those who are not able to attend the meetings as they currently are scheduled.  The committee consists of Guy, G.G. Cheryl and Velda.

10.  The audit committee report was given by Guy, indicating the numbers and totals of the treasurer’s report were perfect.  Art made a motion to accept the report with Johnny giving a second.

11.  Raffle report was given by Oscar.  He shared with us that 1000 tickets were mailed out or given to members but only 302 tickets were sold.

12.  G.G. suggested providing a $25 gift card for every meeting as an incentive for attendance and participation.  Art made a motion to accept this with a second given by Mr. Berg.

13.  Our 50/50 drawing at the meeting collected a total of $56.  G.G. drew the winner which was Velda.  Velda won the $28 but returned $10 to the unit’s treasury, making her winnings be $18.

14.  Guy and Carl made a motion to provide a $25 gift card per quarter to the unit member bringing in the most members.  Oscar made a second.

15.  G.G. and Oscar were our birthday honorees for January but Oscar’s was the day of our meeting so he received a special honor from the restaurant.

16.  G.G. led the closing prayer before lunch was served.