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Houston Texas NARVRE Unit #187 Minutes for February 4, 2014

1.  G.G. opened the meeting.  Guy led the group in an opening prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

2.  G.G. did the roll call of officers with all being present.

3.  There were no known members who were ill or those needing special requests of any kind at the time of the meeting.

4.  Raymond gave the Legislative Report, indicating there was not much happening at the time.  He mentioned that there were still many groups trying to have access to the railroad retirement funds.  We’re still here along with NARVRE’s help to protect our benefits.

5.  Guy talked about new information re: COLA wanting to place a tax on us.  The Guarantee Act (HR1275) says we’ll get the COLAs we’re entitled to so we need to support the Guarantee Act.  There are both Democrats and Republicans involved and siding with Obama on this matter.  Guy made a motion for Unit #187 to have a Facebook page so we’ll have a means to get the information out to everyone.  Oscar made a 2nd.

6.  Minutes were read.  Raymond made a motion to accept the minutes with Mr. Berg making a second.

7.  Cheryl gave the Treasurer’s Report.  There were 49 members who had renewed their membership for 2014 with a total membership of 85.  February 26 was the cut-off date for any unpaid memberships.  Mr. Berg made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report with a second by Tina Hoop.  Cheryl also gave an explanation of the breakdown of monies when dues are paid.

8.  Art Keepers made a motion to submit a letter to National requesting our portion of the dues monies be a larger percentage than what it currently is.  G.G. explained that the issue is already being discussed and will hopefully be resolved soon.

9.   Mr. Keepers provided an extensive list of our congressional leaders so everyone will have access to their names and numbers.  NARVRE members need to contact the congressmen as often as possible in order to express their needs and concerns about our railroad retirement benefits and protection. Hopefully, that list will be sent to the members soon.

10. G.G. brought up the topic of changing our meeting time, date and location in hopes of better meeting the needs of those who can’t currently attend.  Art made a motion to take a vote with a second by Oscar.  The group voted during that February meeting to make the change on a trial basis.
11.  The topic was mentioned that Doris will arrange for a casino bus trip for NARVRE members if we have at least 40 people willing to participate.

12.  The 50/50 drawing was held.  We collected a total of $102 with $51 being given to Aggie via the drawing.
13.  Guy closed the meeting in prayer before lunch was served.