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Minutes from NARVRE Meeting April 5, 2014 at Alicia’s Restaurant.

1.  Guy opened the meeting with prayer, followed by the pledge of allegiance.  G.G. then did the roll call of officers with all being present.

2.  New members and guests were then introduced.  Mrs. Faz was mentioned since she’s suffering from cancer but seems to be doing better at the time.

3.  Raymond presented a guest who spoke on health, fitness, and proper eating.  Anyone interested in the program she offered were given the opportunity to place an order after the meeting.

4.  Minutes were read.  Raymond made a motion to accept the minutes as read with the second by Cheryl.  Approved minutes of the past meeting are placed on Tony’s website for anyone interested in rereading them.

5.  It was discussed that contact information for our officers has not been available in case any of our membership needs/wants to reach an officer.  The names of officers with their phone number and email address are available for any member requesting a have a list.

6.  Cheryl gave the treasurer’s report.  Nick made a motion to accept the report as read with John making the second.

7.  Raymond gave the Legislative Representative’s report, mentioning some important items that have recently been in the news.  He discussed HR Bill 3826, HR Bill 3040 and gave some info on changes that could possibly be made with Medicare.

8.  Two donations were received for convention expenses for the amount of $80.  We certainly appreciate any and all donations made for this important event.

9.  Old business for the April 5 meeting was to decide if Unit #187 wanted to place an ad in the upcoming convention brochure.  Betty made a motion to buy the ad with a second by Bob.  Nick chose to make a donation in order to pay for the ad.  Betty, G. G. and Pam will create the ad to submit to National.

10. Auditing committee gave their report.  Oscar made a motion to accept it as presented with Raymond making a second.

11. Oscar reminded the membership of the afghan that will be raffled off at the convention so he has tickets available if anyone would like to purchase one.

12.  Oscar made a motion to have the next meeting on May 6, 2014, at Fiesta de Guadalajara Restaurant at 11:00 a.m.  The motion was seconded by Bob.

13.  A list was passed around at the April meeting so we could possibly get our roster information up to date.  Please be sure and let us know if any of your information changes so we can keep in touch with you as well as keep our roster current.  We don’t want to lose any member due to our having incorrect information on you.

14.  Guy made a motion to allow G.G. to vote at convention as he sees best.  Oscar seconded the motion.

15.  Our 50/50 drawing was held, collecting $82 at the April meeting.  Josephine drew Cordy’s name in the drawing; his winnings being $41.

16.  We had the drawing for the $25 gift card.  Larry Vasquez was our winner at the April meeting.

17.  Just a reminder. . . . .Any member who joined for 5 years/lifetime is to pay an annual fee of $2.50 to Unit #187.  That amount can be submitted to our Treasurer, Cheryl Chambers.

18.  Birthday honorees for April were Betty Berg and Art Keepers.

19.  Guy closed our meeting in prayer.