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HOUSTON NARVRE UNIT 187 November 5, 2013

meeting minutes by Secretary Pam sackett

1.  Guy opened the meeting in prayer.  Then we did the pledge of allegiance.

2.  Raymond made a motion to suspend the regular meeting to start with in order for our special guests to speak, which was seconded by Johnny Ward.

3.  Bruce Halstead talked about the asbestos program and FELA railroad questions.

4.  Doris Calvillo from Railroad Retirement addressed the group.

5.  Raymond introduced NARVRE Area 5 Director Tony Padilla.  Tony talked about the need to protect our pensions.

6.  Legislative Represenatative Raymond Pantoja then talked about our benefits.

7.  Velda did the 50/50 drawing.  Alfonso Cantu won the 50/50 drawing when Tony drew his name from the tickets.  Mr. Cantu chose to donate $17.50 to the Unit, which was half of his winnings.

8.  President G. G. Gonzalez did the roll call, talked about our departed members and Pam read the minutes of the October meeting.  Raymond made a motion to accept the minutes as read with Johnny making a second.

9.  Cheryl gave the treasurer’s report.  The dues for the new year are due by December 31.

10.  Oscar gave an update on our raffle fundraiser, and again describing the 3 winning prizes.  G.G. reiterated the importance of supporting our fundraiser, too.  Anthony made a motion to accept the report with Mr. Berg making the second.

11.  We discussed new business and the need to get more members in order to continue to build.

12.  Raymond is paying the 2014 NARVRE membership dues for Doris Calvillo.

13.  The meeting was adjourned.