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Anthony (Tony) Padilla NARVRE National Vice President – NARVRE August 2014

Newsletter This delivery is to remind all Area Directors and Assistant Area Directors that between August and December, we should be concentrating on establishing new Units where possible in areas where large group of retirees reside.  So far, this year, we have not had an Area Director establish a new Unit with the exception of Area 5 Director, G. G. Gonzales who organized a new Unit in Harlingen, Texas.  Former Area 8 Director Bob Bloomer continues to be the best example for seeking to form new a Unit later in September.  He scheduled an informational meeting in Covina, CA September 16 beginning at 10:30 a. m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall 4315 N. Vincent Avenue in Covina.  With this information and the press releases arranged by LDC Whitey Westphal, we expect to have a large turnout, especially that the Labor Member of the Railroad Retirement Board is scheduled to be there as one of the speakers along with others.  I know that it is not easy to bring together new railroad retirees to meetings but we need to continue to find ways to do so.  The Area Directors are the masters of your respective areas.  You know you are best qualified to begin to explore areas for forming new NARVRE Units.

If you get a group together, do not hesitate to ask for help to have presenters at the meeting to form a new Unit.  President Tom Dwyer, DLC Whitey Westphal and I are available to help.  It is not enough for an Area Director to be invited to speak or be at a particular Unit meeting but it is up to you to wisely choose to attend.  The presidents of the units should know that Area Directors cannot be traveling to too many long distant meeting, but instead if they need help or for advice they may be able to resolve the question over the telephone.  If an Area Director is invited to every meeting of his Area and accepts to be there, NARVRE would deplete its finances in one month.  So be wise in attending none troubled Units. But, instead concentrate in establishing new Units.  That is the primary job of the Area Director.

NARVRE is fortunate to have Whitey Westphal, Retiree Representative of the Moody Law Firm, to sponsor and arrange many of the local railroad day picnics and State Railroad events we participate in without cost to our membership.  If you need assistance all you have to do is ask.

We are still behind about 1900 Unit members that have not paid 2014 dues which includes a few from the 801’s.  Don’t’ forget to promote, protect, and preserve your railroad retirement benefits.